Best Alternatives Of Mini Militia

Mini militia has become the popular game on the Google play store within a short span of time due to only one reason, it is fun to play. Twelve players can play on Mini Militia Pro Pack and can be enjoy even offline. The users are provided with weapons to hunt down the enemies. It has amazing graphics and is very addictive. You can download this game from Google play store for free.

Mini militia can be play offline on mobile phones having less than 1GB RAM. The characters of the game are in 2D. You would have played this game for many hours and you have got bored by playing this game. You must be thinking to find some alternate game to play with same enjoyment. Here we have a list of games which you can play as alternative to mini militia.

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Warlings is a free multi-player game, which can be played offline as well with your friends and family via Bluetooth or other sharing ways. After selecting the game type you will be asked to choose a game mode whether hard, easy, or medium and after this you have to choose a map, weapons that you have to choose. The characters are very easy to control. The characters are cartoonish. I am sure that after playing warlings you won’t miss mini militia.


In BombSquad all the characters will be positioned on a small base. Aliens will pop-up anywhere at any time from base. Your characters have to snatch the weapon before the character snatches. Once you have the weapon in your hand you’ll have to destroy the enemy before your character falls down. This game is also capable of beating mini militia.


SpaceTeam is a game in which you to play in teams to accomplish the game objectives. The tasks which are put forward are easy. The players will have to control a flying ship. SpaceTeam will show you instructions to play the game. The players will surely have to follow the instructions to move forward in the game. This game is also very addictive and you will not miss mini militia.


If you are Fan of city building games Simcity is one of the best option for you.It is one of the oldest yet popular open ended city building game the latest version of this game is simcity:buildit was launched in 2014.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a perfect game for all the users who want to enjoy the game in high graphics and thrills. This game shows you a video which makes you aware of the game’s plot, objectives, characters, and weapons. After watching the video you can start playing the game. Modern Combat 5 can be played offline and is another top-up game like mini militia.

Updated: June 26, 2019 — 6:01 pm

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